Wrongful Termination Case Against Giles Sheriff to Proceed to Trial

The Roanoke Times has reported that Judge Glen Conrad has denied the Giles County Sheriff's Office its Motion for Summary Judgment and that the case must proceed to trial. From the Article: "A former Giles County sheriff’s lieutenant who claims he was fired for speaking up about problems at the county animal shelter may press his case in federal court, a judge has ruled. Scott Dunn, who was fired in 2013 by Sheriff Morgan Millirons, has claimed that the sheriff dismissed him because he pointed out financial and other problems at the county’s animal shelter, violating Dunn’s First Amendment right to free speech. Dunn brought a $3 million wrongful termination suit against Millirons in 2014. United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia Chief Judge Glen Conrad ruled in writing last month that Dunn may proceed with his First Amendment claim against the sheriff. 'Based on all the evidence presented ... a reasonable jury could discredit the sheriff’s assertions, and find that Dunn’s protected speech was a motivating factor in the termination decision,' Conrad wrote in an opinion." The full article may be read here: http://www.roanoke.com/news/local/giles_county/case-against-giles-county-sheriff-may-go-forward-judge-rules/article_e379d958-20ea-54d5-8147-17e8eca38d62.html

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