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Strelka-6008Virginia Employment Law is a premiere law firm providing professional legal services throughout Virginia. We are experienced court room litigators with an extensive track record of successfully helping those who have suffered an injustice. We concentrate our skills on cases involving the rights of employees in the workforce. The majority of our cases involve wrongful terminations from employment and discrimination at the work place. Your civil rights do not extinguish when you clock in at work. Employers, even in an "At-Will Work" state such as the Commonwealth of Virginia, may be held liable for illegal conduct under numerous federal and state statutes. Whether you have been terminated unfairly, forced into early retirement, or are dealing with a severe and pervasive hostile work environment, we have the legal expertise to advise you. We handle matters as large as multi-state class action lawsuits predicated upon wrongful employment practices to smaller scale representation involving negotiating employment contracts or securing unemployment benefits following a termination from employment. Our cases have received nationwide media attention and our clients have experienced vindication, sometimes after years of discriminatory treatment or harassment.

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