Legally Wasted by Tommy Strelka

Larkin Monroe's Appalachian law practice was about as pickled as his liver. With the love of his life gone and dwindling finances forcing him to chug rail drinks prior to his hearings, Larkin thought he had reached rock bottom. But when the body of an attractive young law clerk from the Supreme Court of Virginia is found in a nearby lake, circumstantial evidence lands Larkin on the public enemy list. How can he beat his hangover when he is charged with murder? Assisted by the slick n' southern Vice Mayor of Big Lick, Virginia, Trevor Meeks, Larkin must summon enough brain power and moonshine to solve a murder. With his marriage, job and a lengthy prison sentence on the line, he'll need more than a few swigs of the hard stuff. After all, wits must either be kept or lost on an as needed basis. Set in the humid summer of the 180-proof back hills of the Blue Ridge and filled with a cast of characters dumped from the rear of the county drunk tank, Legally Wasted is a rollicking boozy legal thriller unlike any other.