Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA")

Securing Your Overtime and Minimum Wage Compensation

The Fair Labor Standards Act — or FLSA — is the federal law requiring that workers be paid a minimum wage and overtime wages. It sounds simple, right? Not quite. The FLSA has numerous regulations regarding categories of employees and the available exemptions under the law. Some consider it to be the most "over legislated" body of law in the employment law area.

Given this complicated area of the law, employers can deny employees their lawfully earned wages either by simple mistake, or through malicious means. For example, we are often presented with cases in which an employee believed that they were not entitled to overtime pay because they were a salaried employee. Just because you receive a salary, this does not mean that you are not entitled to overtime pay.

There are no prior administrative steps to bringing a federal lawsuit pursuant to the FLSA. In some instances, employers will fail to pay many workers their fair wage. In these instances, Virginia Employment Law pursues collective actions which are similar to class actions. The FLSA has strict timelines. You may be losing your ability to collect past owed wages if you do not advance your claim. Contact Virginia Employment Law to schedule a consultation.