Virginia Lawyers Weekly Interviews Tommy Regarding Vice President Pence's "Rule" Regarding Not Dining With Women

Virginia Lawyers Weekly published an article on Vice President Mike Pence's "rule" not to dine with women unless his wife is present. Tommy discussed how this could be a discriminatory practice if applied in the workplace. As quoted in the publication, Tommy stated, “In the workplace, women have been ostracized because they’re women since there were women in the workplace. I have clients who tell me, ‘I can’t break into this boys’ club.’" Tommy added that the Pence's rule "automatically puts women on an unbalanced playing field when it comes to being hired,” Strelka said. “It is de facto discrimination. The effect of the implementation of that rule is clearly discriminatory,” he said. “That’s easy ammunition for me. I could hammer on it for days.” The article may be read HERE.

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